Our Leadership

Eddie Castaneda

President & Chief Executive Officer


Eddie Castaneda is an entrepreneur and the President & Chief Executive Officer at Cubix Commercial Solutions, LLC where Eddie oversees day to day operations from start to finish, including logistics, scheduling, training, quality and other administrative task as well as project management and working with clients to provide solutions to meet their goals and budget needs.


Eddie has worked with reputable installation and service companies since 1992, bringing him over 28+ years of industry experience.


Eddie, born in Mexico and moved to the United States in 1992 – Eddie has independently owned other service companies, and successfully grew those companies to the fullest of their ability. Today, as a partner of CCS – Eddie has visions of delivering the same great service and quality on a much larger scale and is doing so with CCS.


Eddie has led the company from 2015 to current and due to the leadership provided, the CCS has been able to be a support for many families and businesses alike. Eddie has previous military experience as a paratrooper in the Mexican Air Force. For his hobbies, Eddie enjoys playing soccer and exercising. 

Robert Thibeaux

Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer


Robert Thibeaux is an entrepreneur and the Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer of Cubix Commercial Solutions, LLC. Leading the business development aspect of the company, Robert also oversees the logistics and administrative areas, which allow the company to operate seamlessly. Robert has established himself as a leader of staff.


With 8+ years of experience in Business, his work experience brings a background in business management, search & rescue, manufacturing, service, procurement, logistics, human resources and safety. Robert ensures the standards are held high and sets the bar for competitors.


Robert is equally committed to developing himself as a well-rounded person. He participates in various facets of the community. Robert currently holds the rank of Battalion Chief with his local fire department, with 9+ yrs of experience.


Robert is a fair, competent leader, responsible, mature, focused, driven and goal orientated. With our client’s unique needs, Robert is here to ensure every step of the way is taken with confidence.

Daniel Balta

Vice President & Chief Operations Officer


Daniel Balta is an entrepreneur and the Vice President & Chief Operations Officer of Cubix Commercial Solutions, LLC. Overseeing and Leading daily operation tasks from our Architectural Installs to furniture installation side of the company. While also educating clients in the industry standards and assisting with raising the standard in the Furniture and architectural wall service.


With 5+ years of well rounded experience Daniel is a developed leader within the company and provides training and assistance to crews. Daniel travels worldwide for projects and to ensure the projects are complete to not only the expectations of our clients, but our CLIENT’S end user. He also ensures that the projects are completed on time and within budget.


Previously, Daniel has worked in the oil & gas/engineering  industry as well as other technical fields and served in capacities such as production manager, department manager and technical training. 


Born in Romania and moved to the United States with a goal to make a positive difference in others lives, Daniel partnered with Eddie and Robert to achieve just that.